"Hygge" (pronounced ‘hoo-gah') is a Danish word that roughly translates to 'coziness'. It is also a recipe for a happier life, a philosophy, a conscious effort to notice and indulge in the small joys of life.
Hygge is usually associated with winter—a warm fire with a soft blanket, fuzzy socks, and a hot cup of hot cocoa is the perfect image for it. Nonetheless, summer can be an excellent season for “hygge,” too. Regardless of whether one is outdoors in the sunshine, or indoors in case of rain. In the end, it's about investing time in being present and garnering a feeling of intimacy (either with yourself, with friends, or with your home).

Here are some tips to bring Hygge when the heat is on:

1. Fresh flowers: 

Bring the amazing colors of summer inside your home with fragrant and lively bouquets in every space

2. Light linens:

Get cozy in bed with light sheets that feel as cool as the summer breeze.

3. Cold drinks:

Wine is often associated with "hygge", but during the day, when temperatures rise, you can keep yourself cool sipping a fresher version of a glass of wine with Spanish summer beverages like Sangria, Tinto de verano, or the Austrian Spritzer!


4. Fresh fruits:

Summer is full of great flavors that are very enjoyable when it is hot outside. Sharing them with friends in the backyard or on a picnic blanket on the beach makes for a very hyggelig moment.

A Tizana or a Macedonia are good options to enjoy summer fruits.

5. Water!:

Floating in a swimming pool, feeling the water's coolness and movement, and enjoying the kiss of the sun on your skin - that's all "hygge"! Just be present and enjoy the moment.

6. Fruity or citric fragrances through the AC:

When it is very hot outside or it is raining, staying inside with the AC on can be the only solution. Amp up the experience using fragrances like Honeydew, Grapefruit, Miami Orange, and Caribbean Breeze. They will make you feel refreshed and put you in an elevated mood.

Having barbecues with friends in the backyard, eating ice cream while walking along the beach, camping under the summer moon, eating breakfast outside... this list can go on and on, just keep in mind that the most important thing about "hygge" is that it describes the feeling that you get, not the surroundings. Celebrate comfort, contentment, and the good energies of the people around you. Enjoy the moment!

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