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  • Tested for more than 15 years.
  • Aerosol powered by Honeywell Solstice® the only nonflammable, ultra-low-global-warming-potential (GWP) propellant available today.
  • Easy to use, no electricity necessary.
  • No modifications to your HVAC ducts.
  • Proven record of not damaging the coil.*No mist, fumes, fire, or heat.
  • Out of sight and silent.
  • Even and consistent scent coverage.


High quality-well tested perfumes, made with pure essential oils, and cosmetic grade fragrances (proprietary formula). We are proud to provide you with Hypoallergenic, cruelty free and environmentally responsible products. Free of parabeans, phthalates, sulfates, artificial colorants, or mineral oils. Learn more.


  • Free space assessment to determine the most efficient way to scent.
  • Analysis of factors that can impact the strength of the scent (e.g. the condition and setup of the HVAC unit and its ducts and filters, openness of the space, air flow, competing scents, etc.).
  • Expert advise on choosing the right perfume for your space, plus implementing your own seasonal fragrance rotation.
  • Signature fragrance creation: Create your own personal signature fragrance that will be exclusive to your brand. Choose from our library of close to 400 scents, or develop a new one, working with our distinguished perfumers.
  • Personalized installation, maintenance, support and VIP service to all our clients, tailored to your goals and needs. Consistent service visits with advance notice and full report following maintenance.
  • Risk-free trial.*
  • Highly trained technicians in the Montreal and Vancouver areas available within 24-48 hours of any challenges or changes. Not in the area? Don’t worry! This is an easy, "do it yourself” system and we have a great customer service team available to walk you through installation and maintenance. Including support via: Phone, Text, WhatsApp and Face-time. We have you covered!


Special discounts for residents, guests, and clients buying Doctor Aromas products for their homes.

Equipment and installation costs waived with contract.

Clear and friendly communication.

Committed and punctual team.

We always aim to do what is best for our clients.

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