Retails stores face much competition, including from online stores. Customer’s in-store experience is therefore one of the most important aspects of your store. From great customer service, to rightly chosen décor and store layout, the importance lies in the details. Create a multi-sensory experience for your customers with scent marketing. Whether by choosing on of our special fragrances, or by having us specially create your own exclusive brand scent, you can complete the experience and connect with your customers on an emotional level through the power of scents.

You can start creating unique customer shopping-experiences in your store. A great-smelling store creates a more pleasant environment and ambiance, complements your décor, and increases people’s sense of well-being. Studies have shown that a carefully chosen scent can increase the amount of time customers stay in a store, thus increasing the amount of sales and the likelihood of customers coming back in the future. Increase brand loyalty and recognition by aromatizing with Doctor Aromas.

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