• HVAC Scenting System $ 155 CAD

    Use the remote control to set the frequency and intensity of perfume.

    • Perfume, intensity and duration are all in your control.
    • You can turn on/off on demand.
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  • HVAC Scenting System PRO $195 CAD

    Program your device to perfume on a schedule and forget about it.

    • Perfume, diffusion times, days, intensity and duration are all in your control.
    • Set up an automatic scent flow schedule.
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  • Both Cover

    Entire homes, floors or any space under central A/C, up to 3000 sqft.

  • Both Include

    Batteries, 1 HVAC Scent Refill of your choice, Scented Cards and easy-breezy instructions.

Both Are

  • Zero Mess

  • 100% Safe

  • Easy to Use

How they work?

The HVAC Scenting Systems will enhance your entire space by transforming the central HVAC into a scenting machine that will provide a memorable and captivating scent experience. Plus they are super easy to set up! Watch our installation videos and see for yourself!

Collection: HVAC Scenting Systems

Program your device to automatically release clean perfume whenever you want it to.

HVAC Scenting System Refills

Refill your favorite or switch up your scent. Enjoy a wide variety of scents.

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Why Choose Whole Home Scenting System?

We love whole home scenting systems because they provide even, efficient scenting throughout your home. Unlike sprays, whole-home systems use scented formulas that become fine particles that remain airborne.

As a result, the scent lasts longer throughout the home. Whether you’re concerned about cooking odors, stale air or pet odors, an HVAC air freshener and scenting system can handle it all.

Advantages Over Air Fresheners and Candles

The primary advantage of whole-home air fresheners over candles or normal air fresheners is how they work. They generally attach to a home's furnace filter or air vents, activating each time the furnace or air conditioner kicks on. There’s no need for you to keep a can of air freshener spray in each room, and no plug-in air fresheners to take up electrical outlets you need for other uses.

This kind of system doesn't leave residues or cause permanent scents to remain in a home, and they will last until the concentrated scent has run out. Additionally, they make sure the scent stays the same throughout the home, avoiding conflicting scents from room to room.

Use the Air Freshening Solution High-End Hotels Use

Many high-end hotels use liquid concentrates that diffuse into the air through various means, most commonly through the HVAC system.

With Doctor Aromas’ HVAC Scenting Systems, you can also enjoy consistently fresh air and a pleasant fragrance throughout your home with no residues.