Everyone knows that a happy worker is an efficient and productive worker. And one of the ways we can influence this, is by having the perfect working environment. From nice décor to enough windows and natural light, one key aspect of the work environment is in the air we breath. With the power of aromatherapy in your offices, you can create an environment where ideas can flourish and productivity is maximized. With Doctor Aromas, you can start perfecting your work-space and the way it feels.

By aromatizing your office space, you can create a more pleasant feel and even reduce stress. Studies have also shown that “people working in scented areas demonstrate better self-sufficiency and are more likely to adopt productive work strategies.” More so, studies have shown that error rates in typing were significantly reduced when operators were exposed to lemon and lavender fragrances”, as well as show an increased performance in speed and accuracy when scents such as peppermint were administered.”

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