As a hotelier, you already know that one of the most important thing for your guests is to feel good from the first moment they walk into the hotel, up until the moment they check-out. That’s why they are always greeted with a smile, you ensure great customer service and you take care to carefully design and decorate your lobby and other areas, have some pleasant ambient music, etc. You can complete their great experience at your hotel and have a full sensory welcoming experience by incorporating some amazing ambient scents into your lobby and other key areas, whether you use some of our unique fragrances or decide to create your own exclusive brand fragrance.

From the moment guests enter your lobby, they are instantly hit with the smell of the place. By having specially chosen scents, you can influence their first impression of the quality and standard they have of you. Make yourself memorable, distinguish yourself from the rest, and create an increased sense of luxury that will stay with your guests for a long time with the help of scent marketing. By carefully choosing a fragrance that will complement your already carefully chosen décor and architecture, you ensure people have a full sensory experience that will increase their connection and brand loyalty, and thus increase and enrich your guest’s experience.

Lastly, let’s not forget that smell is greatly attributed to people’s perception of cleanliness. By controlling malodours, you can further improve guests’ perception and feeling of freshness you have in your hotel.  

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