At any healthcare facility, whether it be a doctor’s office, a dental clinic, etc., the patient experience is extremely important. By the nature of a dental checkup or a doctor’s appointment, many patients have a tendency to be stressed and have some level of anxiety. Having a calm, relaxing, clean environment from the moment they walk into the waiting room can go a long way in reducing patient stress and anxiety, as well as increasing their comfort.

You can harness one of the most powerful senses, the sense of smell, in order to subtly influence your patient’s experience from beginning to end when they come visit your healthcare clinic. A pleasant-smelling office and clinic can affect patient’s perception of quality, cleanliness and wellness. Patients will feel more relaxed and confident in you and your staff. For example, a study has show that “ambient scents of orange and lavender reduce anxiety and improve mood in a dental office.” You can start creating this difference for your patients with some of Doctor Aromas amazing fragrances.

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