A few weeks ago we prompted you with some questions, and boy did we get responses! First, we asked you why you scent your home. Many of you responded that it makes your home feel special, it makes you feel elegant and chic, and it makes you feel like you are on vacation in your own home! Second, we asked how you got into the practice of perfuming your spaces and while an overwhelming number of you were lucky enough to stumble upon Doctor Aromas in hotels, shops, and office buildings, others of you heard it from your friends, family, neighbors, or the good ‘ole half-sister’s brother-in-law’s cousin’s wife’s best friend! Here are our top picks of people and places that changed your lifestyle forever!

Whether you’re like Mo from Timonium, MD who found us at the Four Seasons in Hawaii or Sara from Camden, NY, who first got a whiff of Hope at the Valentin Imperial Maya, most of you who found us at hotels while on vacation feel like you can be living that same luxury in your own home with home perfumes. “When we went on our honeymoon in Mexico one of the first impressions the Valentin gave us was an amazing smelling lobby! And I just had to have that scent in our home. As soon as it came out in the essential oils we were sure to order it for our bedroom. What a wonderful smell Hope is to fall asleep to!” says Sara.

Home Shows
“I heard about the brand when I walked into an Artefacto store in Coral Gables and asked where they got the scent from. Then I attended the home and remodeling show and bought the kit and got hooked!” says Alejandra about finding Doctor Aromas for the first time. Jennifer from Miami Lakes, FL also first encountered us at a Home Show and says “since then I have used it and EVERYONE always has something to say about how good my house smells. I continue to use it because it makes us all feel calm, relaxed, and even peaceful. It makes us happy to come into a house smelling so good.”

“I walked into Lululemon and asked what scent they used and they told me about Doctor Aromas! Before then I would just spray my perfume around the house. I have 2 dogs 2 cats” says a customer from Parkland, FL, adding a slanted smiley face :/ We feel you on that one, glad we could help you out. Spraying scents around the home sounds nightmarish… So, good thing for shopping at Lululemon!

“I’m new” says a customer from Miami, FL adding, “my neighbor’s house smells fabulous and she passed along all your info to me, now I’m passing it along to my sister!” and the chain continues! Who will your sister pass it along to? Now we’re just curious to know what the longest possible chain of recommendations might be.

As we mentioned, home perfuming making your home feel special was the most popular reason why people scent their home, and aside from that, the places and people who prompted you to try Doctor Aromas vary enormously. From people like Mary from Fort Lauderdale, FL, who says they “just took a gamble and ordered. Now I’m hooked!” to those of you like Brandi from Jackson, TN who sought out Doctor Aromas so “now my house smells like the Four Seasons” (or does the Four Seasons smell like your home? Hmmm.)

What we found most interesting was that regardless of whether you stumbled upon it by sheer luck, or you scavenged it out for days on end, you feel a sense of pride over having a home that smells the way you want it to when you want it to. “I wanted to create a sense of calm in my noisy family” says Susanne from Lancaster, NY and Laurie from Loranger, LA explains  “we've been on the once a month subscription since June, 2017 when we closed on our house. That was the first thing we brought in and installed before we even moved our furniture in because we wanted to smell it as soon as we walked in.”

Thank you to everyone who shared!
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