How to Install and Operate the DA Diffuser 300 (BT)

DA Diffuser 300 (BT) Instruction Manual (English) 

Diffuseur DA 300 (BT) Manuel d'instructions (Français) 

General Installation Steps

How to Open the Diffuser:

Insert the key and the mating part, twist to unlock and then pull them out. Press the fixed button on the top and push forward.
Warning: keep diffuser upright if there is oil inside.

How to Refill the essential Oils:

Remove the bottle from inside the machine. Unscrew the atomizer head and pour Doctor Aromas Mist Refill essential Oils and Fragrances into the bottle. Keep any extra Mist Refill for the future.

Tightly reconnect the atomizer head with the bottle and install them back into the machine.

How to Replace Batteries:

Push down the cover of the battery room and install the batteries according to the positive and negative terminals, then close the lid. This diffuser requires 3 AA batteries.

Warning: After installing new batteires for the first time, the unit will diffuse after 15 seconds. Please make sure to keep your face away from the direct diffusion.

Note: You may use a wall plug with a USB cable to power the diffuser (not included). When the unit is connected by a USB cable, the batteries stop supplying power. disconnect the USB power, the batteries start supplying power.

Close the cover of the dispenser. Make sure it is tightly closed and check to make sure it’s in the right position.

Where to Install

The DA Diffuser 300 is designed to be used either as a table-top or shelf-top diffuser, or it can also be wall mounted.

Placement Suggestion:

Choose the location where the aroma oil mist can use the natural airflow in a room. This is particularly important with air-conditioned spaces or rooms with a natural draft. The best location for the DA 300 Diffuser is where you can use the airflow of the room to help disperse the scent. 
Place the diffuser in a place where the airflow will help "push" the oil fragrance mist to the rest of the room. Conversely, make sure you do not place the diffuser near an exhaust fan or vent, nor near an open door or window, as this will cause the scent to escape the room and the space, therefore causing inefficiency.

Hint: you may use a flashlight to light up the oil mist "cloud" to see where it naturally moves towards in order to help you locate the airflow in the room.

If your room or space does not have a considerable enough airflow, you may place the diffuser in a central position of the room (either wall-mounted or table-top or shelf-top).

See examples below (some examples are of the DA Diffuser 1000, but location is the same for the DA Diffuser 300):

Operation of the DA Mini Dispenser


You may use the TEST button on the control (it will spray if correctly installed) and then initiate the setting you desire by using the remote control.

NOTE: You will hear a beep whenever the dispenser received the command from the remote control. If you do not hear a beep, that means the dispenser did not receive the command. Make sure to aim the control properly to the green signal receipt screen.

Tip: You can press TEST whenever you want an extra spray (i.e. guests arrived and you cooked something with a strong scent).


Use the ON and OFF buttons to begin using the system or to turn it off. When the system is on, you can program the dispenser to the desired intensity by choosing the spray intervals (every 5 mins, 10 mins, 20 mins, 25 mins, 30 mins, 1 hour or every 3 hours) and then the amount of consecutive sprays (1, 2 or 3).

NOTE: We recommend to always use the “1” unless you have special needs that justifies spraying two or three times consecutively. For spaces of 3000 sqft, we recommend starting with 1 spray every 20 mins and then adjust based on preference (increase interval if you wish to diminish intensity, decrease interval if you wish to increase intensity). After the programming, the dispenser’s green LED flashes every 5 mins. Start with a longer interval for smaller spaces.

To stop it whenever you want (i.e. You are not home, you don't want to sleep with perfume, etc.) just press OFF.

To activate it again, press ON and indicate the interval and number of sprays again.

Tip: To keep your house consistently perfumed, keep the thermostat in FAN mode, so you always have a continuous (and scented) airflow.

Operation Example Video