What We Do

  Our goal at Doctor Aromas is to help you improve and build your brand. You can greatly improve customer experience and have them connect to your brand thanks to the power of scent.

 We offer multiple special services for businesses. Whether it be for buildings (residential, commercial, hotels, etc.), retail stores, offices, etc., anyone can benefit from the advantages of aromatizing. You can start creating beautiful memories and experiences for your customers. Let them remember you and your products.


Our services include:

  • Free consultation and visit(s) to your business
  • A one week risk-free trial
  • Personalized installation and maintenance, tailored to your goals and needs
  • Aromatize with our amazing exclusive fragrances
  • Great customer service
  • Scent development: Create your own personal signature fragrance that will be exclusive to your brand. We can help you choose the scent best suited to your brand. You can choose from our library of close to 400 scents, or develop a new one, working with our distinguished perfumers.


To know more, contact us by email at canada@doctoraromas.com or by phone at 514-739-8886.